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Re: [ecf-dev] Listing shared files

> This shared editor uses the datashare api:  org.eclipse.ecf.datashare 
> (API plugin) for sharing document changes in real time among a set of 
> participants.
> If this is what you mean by 'being able to see what is shared' then this 
> would be appropriate for that as well.

In this case I would want to know what documents are shared, what
documents that are available for me to edit.

> Or do you mean listing remote directory contents?

Well, it's kind of listing remote directory contents, but it doesn't
have to be directory listings, it can just be listings so to speak.

Let's say I want to share three files with you: A, B and C. In my share
app I open a file dialog and choose three files that I want to share
with you. The files can be anywhere on the filesystem, they don't have
to be in the same directory. When the files are chosen my app should
tell your app that there are three files available. You see this and
choose to download B.

So it's not really listing directory contents, it's listing any shared
content. I don't know the purpose of the presence API. I guess presence
could be used for documents, music files etc as well as people?