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[ecf-dev] Shared Editor Usage Scenarios


  I've been thinking about various ways groups might use shared editing.  My initial (base) use case was a distributed development team, perhaps in a design meeting or doing code review.  However I can think of a few other scenarios.  These scenarios also imply better sharing models:

1. Instructor use case.  In an education context, one peer may have exclusive write access to an editor, others would be read only.  Additionally, file open/close actions on the instructor node would propagate to "student" nodes.
2. Document collaboration use case: A document (rtf, etc.) is being edited by a group.  Higher levels of locking semantics are required, as these people are not developers (or even if they are) and may be confused by free-for-all shared editing.
        a) A token style workflow, where the user with the token can edit, and can also pass the token to other users in the collaboration context.
        b) A lock style workflow, where a user locks a portion (paragraph?  line item?) of a document.  Others cannot edit until locker unlocks.

Any thoughts?  Any other use cases people can think of?  I may work on implementing these in the shared editor if they seem of value to others.