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Re: [ecf-dev] Communication server

Hi Pierre,

Cool...thanks.  For your and other's info there is already an unmoderated xmpp server available at


available for use by any Eclipse foundation project team committer or contributor...or any Eclipse foundation member. 

Special requests for accounts made to this list will also get due consideration.   But since it's a foundation resource we can't just give out accounts to the public.  But if you are working with ECF, and you would like to have an account or set of accounts on ecf.eclipse.org please just send email to me at slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Pierre...when I go to the URL you give in your note, it redirects to http://www.enseignemoi.com/.  The language is in French...so although I'm embarrassed to let on I don't know French (barely know English)...so unfortunately I can't read anything that's on these pages.


Pierre-Henry Perret wrote:
Hello Scott, all devs

I have set up a XMPP server (standard) for use by the ecf devs.
url is: jive_server

You can use it without moderation... <[-:)

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