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[ecf-dev] Additions to org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.editor

I've added more code to the action to retrieve the resource for the active editor.  I've also added a listener that can be attached to the editor.  This listener can pass events to a shared container and retrieve them from other clients.  I see there being two types of messages:

1. Editor checksum: confirm with a hash that all shared editors have same document (required at start of shared session)
2. Modification event: the string, offset, and lenght of an edit (passing full IDocument is not required)

I think the simplest case would be that a client trying to join a shared session would first be required to pass a editor content hash value check, confirming that all editors are in sync.  This would prevent users from joining a session after edits have been made however.  Another approach would be to add a thrid message type which is the full content of the IDocument, asking the user upon join if they'd like to update the editor with the shared version.