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[ecf-dev] Support for google talk in 0.4.0

Hi Folks,

Over the weekend the Jive folks added support for connecting to/interacting with google talk...google's new IM service that uses xmpp. I've made the appropriate changes to the ECF jabber/XMPP implementation, and now the ECF jabber client will connect and communicate with <username>@gmail.com.

I also added support in the client code for connecting to multiple xmpp servers/services (e.g. google talk and ecf1.osuosl.org) and so now buddies for all connected services will appear in the same ECF buddy list.

Soon (next day or so) I will be doing the 0.4.0 stable build and deploying to eclipse.org and elsewhere. Until then, however, access to this xmpp/google talk addition will have to be through CVS and building/running the 0.4.0 version yourself.