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Re: [e4-dev] Reminder: post what bugs you are considering fixing for M7

There is a blocker bug for e4 resources in SFS. There is a compile error for the bundle org.eclipse.core.resources.semantic so that the bundle is not present on the p2 update site.


Bug 378236 - [sfs] Compile error in CachingOutputStream


BR, Ed


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Subject: [e4-dev] Reminder: post what bugs you are considering fixing for M7


Here are bugs we are looking at for the rest of M7:

Bug 369159 - [Compatibility] ICommandService/IExecutionListener not fired
Bug 375762 - child scheme keybindings that 'conflict' with parent scheme are not enabled
Bug 378138 - 'Reset Perspective...' must not dispose and reopen parts that remain in the perspective
Bug 378114 - partHidden not fired on reset (was: NPE in JavadocView after resetting perspective) (
Bug 377345 - Consumer of selection is called twice in ESelectionService

A reminder that you must post bugs on the list if you want them considered for M7


Paul Webster
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