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Re: [e4-dev] e4 Mars rover challenge commit request


yes I intent to go forward with it and keep it up to date so there will be another demo application for the e4 release. Also with this example we want to show the e4 integration with the RAP project. 

I implemented the server so theoretically the old clients should still be working with my server. Since I don't have a working version of the original client though, I haven't been able to test that. However I am trying to get a version of the old client to see if this is working. My server still has the same methods the old server does. 

I rewrote the client's UI with the latest e4 APIs. I reused the old bundles for the server-client communication.  The client still works the same (having a view for the game, player's queue, Robot information, Control view and a view for the web cam). My current client however is generating an image on the client side to reduce CPU usage. However the servlet for getting an image from the server side is still there. 

- Artur

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 5:19 PM, Boris Bokowski <Boris_Bokowski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Artur,

> I've been working on demo application for the e4 release. My project
> is rewriting the e4 rover challenge from the EclipseCon 2010.

> So far I have implemented a server that simulates the mars rover and
> a client that communicates with that server. 

Sounds great.. is your intent to maintain the e4 rover client (and a server) going forward?  If yes, we should nominate you as an e4 committer, having another up-to-date example application would be great.

Does the client work like the one we distributed for EclipseCon 2010, except that you updated it so that it works against the most recent e4 API?


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