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[e4-dev] Self hosting experiences

I have spent the last day or so self-hosting full time using Eclipse 4.0 SDK builds. While there are lots of bugs and errors in the log, I have encountered no impediment that prevented my ability to get work accomplished using these builds as my regular IDE. I strongly encourage the rest of the team, and any bleeding edge adopters in the community, to try use Eclipse 4.0 SDK builds as their IDE for daily development. The sooner we are feeling the pain of bugs as users ourselves, the faster we will make progress in the areas that matter for end users.

To avoid everyone entering the same well-known bugs over and over, and to help focus our priorities for the next milestone, I have started a list on the wiki of "self hosting impediments". Think of this like our regular end of release polish list, but in our case the polish items are much bigger. Feel free to add things to the list, increase priorities, remove items that are fixed, etc. The list is found here:


There is a new Eclipse 4.0 SDK build available, which includes the latest contributions for this week's 3.6 integration build. If you are using M5 you can upgrade to it by adding the following repository to your available software sites list:


You can find the SDK zips here:


Happy self hosting,