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[dtp-pmc] Re: Nominations for DTP Enablement and Incubator project leads

These updates have been made in the Foundation database. Thanks.

Anne Jacko

On Sep 11, 2008, at 7:59 AM, John Graham wrote:


Following up on my previous resignation notice:


I hereby make the following nominations for project leads:

Enablement: Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian is the chair of the DTP PMC and has been involved with DTP since
the beginning. Since I resigned the DTP PMC chair in April 2008, Brian
has taken the lead in working with the community to drive Enablement
contributions. The pending Ingres contribution and others in the
pipeline are evidence of his success in this role.

Incubator: Linda Chan

Linda is a DTP PMC member, and has been involved as a key DTP member and
ODA component lead since the beginning of DTP. She has mentored the
ECore-ODA incubation component since inception, and this has given her a
solid understanding of the Parallel IP and general incubation process.
She would be an ideal lead for the DTP Incubator project.

-- John