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Re: [dtp-pmc] Asking an extension for DTP 1.6.1 M1


I think this is a good idea to end up with a solid, well tested milestone candidate. I would hate to have things rushed and end up with things being broken in your commercial tooling.



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08/07/2008 06:13 PM

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[dtp-pmc] Asking an extension for DTP 1.6.1 M1

Dear PMC,

I understand that the deadline set to declare the 1.6.1 M1 milestone driver is today. However, IBM is having several issues to consume this driver and would like to seek for an extension.

Few defects are still in the queue and/or are just being delivered and this is creating a major risk for the DTP milestone driver that we will need to mitigate by running again our full regression testing to ensure the stability of the DTP M1 Milestone driver.

Running a full regression last 5 days and the milestone driver final date could be extended to next Thursday, August 14.

I thank you for your consideration.


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