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[dtp-pmc] Scheduled an integration build for 1.6.1 M1

Hi all...

After talking with the PMC and Xiaoying, we're scheduling the next 1.6.1 M1 integration build to be this Friday Shanghai time at 6am.

This means you should have anything you want in that build approved by the PMC and delivered to CVS by:

* 5:30 PM EST
* 3:30 PM MST
* 2:30 PM PST

The build (barring any issues) will then be available by Friday morning U.S. time for testing.

Note that builds for 1.6.1 M1 are manually scheduled, not automatic like the regular nightly build. So if we have additional fixes that need to go in for M1 after this build, we will need to request another one next week.

Please remember to do the following for any bugs you want to get into M1:

1) Send a request to the PMC for the bug
2) If approved, deliver to both the HEAD and M1 streams, with the timestamp for the tag of the HEAD branch greater than that used for the M1 branch.

Thanks a bunch!

Brian Fitzpatrick
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Eclipse Data Tools Platform Connectivity Team Lead
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.