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Re: [dtp-pmc] Petition to fix following bugs in datatools ODA enablements.


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[dtp-pmc] Petition to fix following bugs in datatools ODA enablements.

Hi All,

We would like to fix following bugs in datatools ODA enablements in 1.6RC2 and looking forward to get PMC approve.

231726 [Linux] Can not use right click menu to paste in SOAP request dialog.
This is a platform related bug.

226232 XML Data Source XSD include relative schemaLocation doesn't work while absolute path works
This is an enhancement to XML driver so that it can correctly deal with the relative schema locations.

232901 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs in flatfile dataset after changing the file filter[0700]
This is a serious bug and has UI impact. The fixing to it however is simple and safe.

223831 BIDI3.4:DTP Wrong display for XPath _expression_ in the Row Mapping wizard
This bug prevents Xpath _expression_ from correctly displayed in RTL environment.

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