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RE: [dtp-pmc] DTP Incubator and Ganymede

Since the Ecore ODA driver project is in incubation and not part of the DTP Ganymede release, it is not subject to its rampdown policy.  So feel free to commit changes and build them according to your own schedule. 
The DTP build environment basically uses PDE build.  Having the incubator projects adopt the same build framework would make it easier to add them to the DTP release build down the line.
As the DTP automated build is already at the RC stages, it would be better to keep your project build separate for now.  I will be your initial resource on working out the related build setup issues.

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Subject: [dtp-pmc] DTP Incubator and Ganymede

Is the Ecore ODA Driver (in the DTP Incubator) subject to the 1.6 rampdown policy? As we are not part of the DTP build environment our commits would have no impact beyond ourselves...

On that subject, should we be moving towards joining the DTP build environment or look into our own infrastructure (we've had an offer for help from Modeling)? We seem to have dependencies on Modeling projects that preclude our complying with the EMF 2.2 limitation of the DTP Ganymede Development environment, though we are continuing to look into this. What impact does this have on the DTP automated build? Finally, is there a resource on how the DTP build system is put together?