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RE: [dtp-pmc] Status and bug counts

For 133120, the compiler error is specific to building on Eclipse 3.2, where a lot of plaform classes have moved to different jar files.  
This does not need to be fixed in 0.7 release.


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Testing of DTP 0.7 RC1 has resulted in a number of bug entries. Of these,
two are reported as blocking:

133120: oda.flatfile.ui compile errors
133136: import of connection profiles fails

I suspect the first can be easily sorted out by Linda. The second is
serious, and no doubt blocking the tests described in the report, but
otherwise has limited impact (which is to say, if this were not blocking
the tests and just noticed during regular usage, I would expect it to be a
"normal" or perhaps "major" bug).

I addition, there are a number of minor clean up issues that we could look
at (text on labels etc.).

My question to the PMC is this: Since we are awaiting IP clearance, should
we open 0.7 back up to fix these bugs, or should we keep 0.7 code frozen
and fix them in head for 1.0? My preference would be for the latter, and
the bug fixes will be available in the 1.0 stream builds which will start
next week. So, can the community continue with the 1.0 stream (esp. for
133136), or do we need to fix these in the 0.7 branch too?

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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