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[dtp-pmc] Preference Page Changes

Hey all,

I've got part of this checked in to CVS.  I've asked Hui to check the
remaining changes into sql dev tools as I don't have write access.  Along
with reorganizing the preference page hierarchy, I've changed the category
names used by views and new wizards to make them consistent.

Once Hui has checked in the remaining fixes, could you please check to make
sure things look satisfactory to you.

On a technical note, I didn't do any mucking with the preference page IDs,
I just changed the IDs used in the category nodes and changed the display
names associated with the preference pages and view and new wizard
categories.  We may want to think about changing the IDs for these in 1.0
so the IDs are more consistent with their usage.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns...