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[dtp-pmc] 3/15 Nightly build and bug counts

The 3/15 build for DTP 0.7 RC0 is now available on the download site.

Bug Counts
> Blocking: 0

> Critical: 1

    131962: While the previous problem with executing stored procs has been
fixed, a new cascade of errors now appears under 3.2M5a.

> Major: 1

    131616: Consolidation of preference pages. Rob -- can you get this done

Also, I have entered a bug, 131967, which currently is of "minor" severity.
Essentially, the icon for the JDBC connection profile wizard is missing. I
propose here that we fix this bug for 0.7 anyway, since (1) it should be a
simple, low risk change, and (2) although a small point, the missing icon
looks bad from a completeness perspective.

Based on this bug situation at the moment, we cannot code freeze today and
test for 0.7. I propose that we attempt to fix these bugs today, and try
for code freeze tomorrow. (This also means no branches today).

Once we get to code freeze and test to our satisfaction, we can promote the
build to 0.7. We then wait for the IP clearance from the EMO to announce
the DTP 0.7 release.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.