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[dtp-pmc] Feedback from DTP 0.7 Release Review

The DTP 0.7 Release Review was conducted this morning at 8AM PST. DTP
passed this review, and hence is one step closer to making the 0.7 release!

Some items from the review:

> Update Release Review slide deck to correct minor typos and clarify a few
points. Status: John is working on this, expects completion by EOD 3/8.
> Need to provide more complete project information/status meta-data on web
site. Status: John is investigating.
> Need to update web site to new format. Status: Planned for post
> Post experiences learned by DTP regarding best practices from other
projects, and so on in a location easily accessible by the community at
large. Status: Post EclipseCon, John will start to do this.

> Suggestion to update all DTP plug-ins to use manifest files for 0.7:
Out of the 43 plug-ins distributed in 0.7 (including 3.1 compatibility
support), 24 currently use manifest files. Ideally we would like to update
the remaining ones to use manifest files as well before the final 0.7
build. It was mentioned that there might be an automated way of doing so --
John will look into this.

Committers: What are our thoughts about attempting this change now? Any
experience to share?

> Suggestion to jar all DTP plug-ins. Status: Planned post 0.7. The
community would like to see this in place by DTP 1.0M6 (4/7) if possible.

Committers: Thoughts? Can we do this by DTP 1.0M6?

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.