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Re: [dtp-dev] Where can I get the unit tests for o.e.d.modelbase?

Hi Chris,

The DTP modelbase plugins don't have any test code in the modelbase plugins directly.  (One reason is that 95% of the modelbase code is generated by EMF from model diagrams.  See the "model" folders in each plugin.)

However the modelbase "query" plugins are exercised pretty well by the SQL parser test plugin, org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.parsers.sql.query.test.


Brian Payton

Data Tools Development
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory

From:        Chris Hines <eclipse-bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        04/06/2012 10:53 AM
Subject:        [dtp-dev] Where can I get the unit tests for o.e.d.modelbase?
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Hello DTP developers,

I think I have found a couple of bugs in DTP modelbase but I want to confirm them before I submit reports to bugzilla. To that end I am looking for the existing test code for o.e.d.modelbase so I can write some new tests within the existing framework.

I have already cloned the GIT repository for o.e.d.modelbase, but I didn't see any tests.

If there is no existing test suite, then I will proceed without it, but I feel like I'm just missing something.

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