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[dtp-dev] Miscellaneous bugfixes

Hi guys,

First of all thank you Brian (Payton) for committing the improvements I sent on the PostgreSQL enablement front. Much appreciated!

I still have two patches queued up in the Bugzilla, namely a fix for a nasty bug in the scrapbook that can lead to SQL execution on a wrong JDBC connection (Bug #347315); a fix for the sometimes slow parsing of the SQL in the scrapbook (Bugs #330626 and #330568); and last, maybe some opinion on Bug #336153 that is probably as I wrote, not a bug but a feature.

I also expect to send some more improvements on the PostgreSQL enablement, and try to close all remaining bugs related.

Kind regards,

Pierre Queinnec
CTO, Zenika

Office: +33 1 45 26 19 15
Mobile: +33 6 66 27 10 71