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Re: [dtp-dev] Re: Bug 296019

Hi Antoine!

If you have time to look at the code, that would be great. If trivial, hopefully we can fix it for 1.7.2. If not, we can look at it for the next major release (Helios).


Brian Fitzpatrick (aka "Fitz")
Senior Software Engineer, SOA-P
JBoss by Red Hat

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Subject: [dtp-dev] Re: Bug 296019

Hi guys, should I consider taking a look at the code ? Does this look like a trivial problem to you ? 

Please let me know. 



On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 13:56, Antoine Toulme < antoine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote: 

Hi all, 

we are experiencing bug 296019, we tried to work around by adding more memory but we still reproduce the issue. 

Can this bug be scheduled for 1.7.2 ? Would you have any other workaround in mind for it ? 



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