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[dtp-connect-dev] Re: [dtp-dev] Preventing Persistence of Authentication Information

These changes have been committed to the repository.


dtp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 05/01/2006 12:44:24 PM:

> Hey all,
> I've modified the connectivity APIs to give extenders the ability to
> prevent certain properties from being persisted within workspace (namely
> authentication information, which was the driver for this change).  The
> following is a summary of the changes:
> 1.  Added a "propertiesPersistenceHook" attribute to connectionProfile
> profileExtension elements.  This gives extension providers the ability to
> associate an IPropertiesPersistenceHook implementation with their profile
> or profile extension.
> 2.  Added IPropertiesPersistenceHook interface.  This gives providers an
> opportunity to scrub the property set prior to being saved.  This also
> gives providers the opportunity to expand the property set during
> It also provides methods to the framework for determining whether or not
> property set is complete so the framework can open a property page to
> the user to specify properties that were not persisted (e.g. password).
> 3.  Modified IConnectionProfile by adding arePropertiesComplete() and
> arePropertiesComplete(String) methods.  These methods may be used by
> clients in determining whether or not all properties are complete.
> complete does not mean that a connection attempt will be successful, it
> simply means that the properties are complete enough that an attempt can
> made.)
> 4.  Updated generic DB plugins to use the new API.
> 5.  Updated connect action to prompt the user in the event a property set
> is incomplete.  (Note, the initial property page will be the property
> returned by the profile's propertiesPersistenceHook.  If the base
> properties are complete, the initial page will be the page by the
> propertiesPersistenceHook for the first profile extension which is not
> complete.)
> Attached is the patch containing the changes.  (Note, this also includes
> some various fixes for errors found in the persistence of extended
> properties contributed through profile extensions.)
> (See attached file: pwd_prompt.patch)
> Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc...
> Happy coding,
> Rob[attachment "pwd_prompt.patch" deleted by Rob Cernich II/SYBASE]
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