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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Reg. Credentials Provider in RSE

Hello Thameem,
the only way of changing credential provider for a subsystem, is
that you subclass the SubSystemConfiguration. For FTP, do
* plugin.xml extension subSystemConfigurations "MyFTP"
* class MyFTPSubSystemConfiguration extends FTPFileSubSystemConfiguration
* Override the getConnectorService() method like this:
public IConnectorService getConnectorService(IHost host) {
    final IConnectorService originalService = super.getConnectorService(host);
    return new AbstractDelegatingConnectorService {
      public IConnectorService getRealConnectorService() {
         return originalService;
      /// override credential related methods here as needed
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While creating a new connection in RSE view, we can select a particular system to be connected.


Let’s say, if one selects Remote System type as FTP, one has to provide the credentials (user id and password) for the machine to be connected. After giving proper user id and password, it connects to the system to get the files and folder structure of the remote system.


Here, FTP System type uses FTPConnectorService which uses StandardCredentailsProvider which gets the user id and password of the system through a dialog box and uses the same to connect to the remote system.


We would like to know how to plug-in our own credentials provider for an existing remote system type.


For example,


While connecting through FTP, the user should not be asked to enter the user id and password; instead it should be read from a file or database.


Please let us know how this can be achieved


Thanks & Regards,

Thameem Ansari N

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