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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] FileSystem open flags

Hi Ed,

I agree, adding TCF_ prefix to avoid confusion is good idea.
I'll create a bugzilla entry for that.


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The open flags for FileSystem (as shown in "TCF Service - File
System.html") use the same names (i.e. O_CREAT) that are defined in
libc's fcntl.h.  

Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed that they are defined differently and I
used the fcntl.h values in some c-client code I wrote.
It didn't work.

Looking at the source, I see that agent/filesystem.c prefix's the open
flag definitions with TCF_ so they don't conflict.

Wouldn't it be good to add this same prefix in the java interface,
That way the language independent API can show a single name for the
open flags?

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