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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: Remote Debugging

For remote debugging, you'll need a _local_ gdb executable that is
capable of understanding the remote exe file and architecture, and
connecting to the remote gdbserver. The remote gdbserver is only a very thin layer, most work will be done locally.

I'm not sure what version of gdb you could get for Windows X Linux debugging. Most vendors who do cross-compile / cross-debug in their commercial products based on GNU Tools and Eclipse, build their own versions of gdb for the cross-support from the sources. Therefore, cygwin gdb or mingw gdb may not work out of the box unless you compile them yourself and enable cross-support for linux. [building from source
may not be too difficult].

I do agree, though, that the error message should be more informative.

Ewa, can you help any further? Is there any point in running a whole gdb remotely and piping the gdb/mi channel through the RSE IHostShell, instead of just running the gdbserver remotely?

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

Kieran schrieb:

I am tryiing to do a remote c++ debug from a local windows xp machine to a remote linux machine. The XP machine is running eclipse sdk 3.2.0 with cdt 3.1.0 and RSE 1.0.1. The remote machine is running i686 Red Hat & gdb v6.0 (I think).
I can set up remote file and shell access and that works fine. I can also remotely launch applications too. However when I try to launch a debug session I get the mystery error of "Error creating session" Details: "Exec error: launching failed" (3 times)

The last output from the Console is: /my/home/dir>gdbserver :8888 /my/path/rse_test;exit
gdbserver :8888 /my/path/rse_test;exit
Process /my/path/rse_test created; pid = 16477

I don't really know where to begin in figuring out why it doesn't work. Could you maybe point me in the right direction?
Also, the gdb-server continues to run after this fails, so I have to kill it in the processes tree on the left before trying again. Is there a smarter way around that?

Thank you for your help