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Re: [dsdp-mtj-dev] PackageBuilder ignoring generated classes

Hello Dan,

    Does Floggy generate source files or class files ? If it generates source files it should not be a problem, so i guess it generates class files right !? 
Well in case you generate your class files within the bin/ folder during build process, you will have to create stubs for your classes since MTJ needs to check for the class source file in order to validate their inclusion into the application package.

Please let me know if you need more help :)


David Marques

Dan Murphy wrote:
Hi MJTers,

I maintain an eclipse plug-in that generates rms code for jme persistence. Before MJT 1.0 was released everything was fine, unfortunately it seems 1.0 added functionality that causes our plugin some problems.

Specifically, the PackageBuilder ignores any resources that do not originate from a folder listed in the build.properties folder. Floggy generates classes, which means that some of the essential generated classes are being excluded (we generate some classes in the net.sourceforge.floggy package as well as the application package namespace).

I have tried changing the build.properties, but it seems that the listeners don't allow me to add 'bin' to the included directories.

Having had a quick look through the code, it seems like we will have to generate the classes to a jar, add the jar to the classpath and export it.

I also looked at the Library support.. but I don't think we can use this since the classes are created for each project at build time (and may be regenerated if necessary).

Does anyone have any alternative/better suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,
Floggy - Java ME persistence made easy

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