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[dsdp-mtj-dev] Call for CLDC/MIDP Libraries



One of the interesting features that is available on MTJ 1.0 is the support to distribute libraries with MTJ. Those libraries are presented to the developer on the project creation wizard and the user developer is able to add them to their projects. After that, the libraries are automatically packed with the final MIDlet suite JAR. Code assist and javadoc will also be accessible on the java editor. Currently this mechanism is used by the JMUnit library that is distributed with MTJ.


It would be interesting if we could add more libraries on the following MTJ releases. So if if your company has some internal library that you think can be applicable to other developers, why not consider contributing it to MTJ? Some possible basic libraries could be:

-          Some basic game engine

-          XML parser library


Some benefits for your company could be:

-          Reduce maintenance effort of the library. The code would need to be contributed to the foundation (as EPL)

-          Visibility to the company since the company name can be presented on the dialog where the user selects the library (library description). It is also possible to add the company URL

-          The company could sell a more complete version of the library


If you are interested and want some more information about it, feel free to contact MTJ Team. The links below have more information about the library support on MTJ

-          How to create a library

-          Library Selection Page