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[dsdp-mtj-dev] Importing MTJ-projects



I have a question regarding the import mechanism of MTJ projects. When working in a multiuser environment people may want to import a colleagues project into their workspace. This is troublesome if the device that is associated with the project is not located in the exact same path as the one that created the project, since the .mtj file is containing device specific information. Has this problem been discussed?


I tried to import an mtj-project that had been created on another computer. I got some errors so I change the device in the Java ME properties to a device that is available on my computer. Some of the errors disappeared it still produces an error saying "No device definition is associated to this project". I cannot find a way around this, apart from creating a new project instead.


Why is so much device information saved in the .mtj file? Isn't most of that information workspace specific?


A nice way to handle it would be to have the importer ask the user which device he wants to associate with the project when he imports it.


Best regards

Ingemar Olsén

Eclipse team, SonyEricsson