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[dsdp-mtj-dev] emulator crushing without trace

Hi there,

First, I want to congratulate you for building this big improvement over eclipseME. It helps a lot!

Now, the problem:
When I am trying to debug the application, it crashes while I am invoking a command from a menu. It doesn't leave any trace and it freezes - I cannot step forward. The trace is empty:
Waiting for KVM...
Connecting to on port 2800
Waiting for debugger on port 3586
Connection received.
Running with storage root C:\Documents and Settings\Dev\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\temp.DefaultGrayPhone6
Running with locale: English_United States.1252
Running in the identified_third_party security domain
Connected to KVM

And the system thread says "stepping" when actually is frozen in some state. (You can see that from the pictures, if you get them)

I tried to restart eclipse, clean the project, restart the pc. It doesn't work. The same happens. When I debugged I got to a line were he tries to execute a getter, but at the point it exits the getter it freezes. On the other hand the last time I debug the app, I had some problems with the record store. I tried to readInt when there was no such field in that record (at least that's what it said). Am I doing something trivially wrong or is something going bad with the VM? Anyway, I will try to make another copy of the eclipse and try the project from scratch.

If anyone has some idea of what is going on, please share it with me.


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