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RE: [dsdp-mtj-dev] Application descriptor in MTJ

Fair enough, I had my suspicions this would be the answer but I thought Iâd ask before we started to change our tools.

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I am not certain it would be a good idea to set a precedent like this. Spaces in file names are common on all major platforms, and tools need to be built to accommodate them. If we start changing our naming schemes to accommodate one tool, how many more changes will we be asked to make. Do we go back to 8.3 naming?

Better, I think, to change the in-house make tool to accept file names. Clear Case already does. Strategic placement of double quotes can fix a lot of make related problem

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The working copy of the jad file for a MIDlet project is currently saved in the file system as  âApplication Descriptorâ.

This is a change from the EclipseME days were it was named the same as the resulting jad file.

The jad file is currently the only file created by Eclipse or a plugin with a space in the name that I know of.


We have noticed problems with this and our source control system, which is ClearCase + an in-house tool to make

it easier to work with. This doesnât accept spaces in file names.


Do you think it would be possible to change the name of this file to something without a space in the name, or to

give the developer creating a new project the opportunity to choose a name for the file ( maybe not wanted, since

the name of the file shouldnât be something most people care about )?


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