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Re: [dsdp-mtj-dev] Issue with device rename

As a user, I'd prefer not to have an editor that doesn't open in 1.0, but it's not a trivial fix and I appreciate it's rather late to start introducing too much new code... I'm also not sure how many people do rename the device / group in real life.

2009/5/26 Craig Setera <craigjunk@xxxxxxxxxx>
A couple of comments here...

1) There *is* a getIdentifier on device objects now.  This is something that I knew we needed and I added in the previous patch.  It currently just returns the name, but changing that should not affect the API.

2) This problem has existed since EclipseME days.  People have lived with it for quite some time. While it isn't ideal, I'm also not convinced that it is a blocker must-fix issue this late in the game.

What are the thoughts on what would need to change in the API to make this work?  There is the concept of a listener.  Is the thinking that there would be an addListener type method on IDevice?


On 5/26/09 9:36 AM, Paula Gustavo-WGP010 wrote:



Currently there are a couple of bugs related to renaming a device. The problem is that now there are no listeners that notify MTJ when a device is renamed on the registry. This causes problems like the ones related at 277078 and 276084. In order to solve them, it will probably be required to do changes both on the API and MTJ metadata. And we would also need to add some migrations to import MTJ v0.9.x projects.


I would like to get a feedback from the rest of the list about this issue. Can we live with it in a 1.0 or is this a must fix? If this is a must, we will need help to review the change and make sure we don’t’ break anything.




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