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Re: [dsdp-mtj-dev] The new JAD editor extension point

Hi Craig,

In the scenario you described, the Motorola attributes will be shown on the User Defined page, and he/she can change them there. If he/she switches back to Motorola SDK, the defined Moto-specific attributes will still be shown on the Motorola page, and the nokia-specific attributes will be shown on the User Defined page.

Is it ok for that?

Best Regards

Gang(Allen) Ma

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Craig Setera <craigjunk@xxxxxxxxxx>
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2008-08-04 07:16

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[dsdp-mtj-dev] The new JAD editor extension point

I apologize to everyone for the email "spam" today.  That's what happens
when I do all of my MTJ work in one marathon session!

I took a look at the new JAD editor extension point functionality today
and I'm good with the code.  I am a bit concerned about the ability to
configure a vendor-specific filter for the pages though.  Imagine a user
scenario that looks like this:

- Developer starts by using a Motorola-based SDK, which causes the
Moto-specific JAD editor page(s) to be added to the editor.
- Developer configures some Moto-specific JAD attributes using the
vendor-specific editor page(s)
- Developer switches to a Nokia-based SDK, which causes the
Nokia-specific editors page(s) to be added the Moto pages to be *removed*
- Developer alters the Nokia specific attributes and wants to make a
change to the Motorola attributes as well... *but can't find them*

While I understand the idea of not forcing the user to see pages that
don't apply for the current device, it feels to me like the pages should
be shown no matter what if there are vendor-specific attributes that
have been altered.  One option is to always show all pages.  The other
is to show pages that apply to the current SDK *and* those that have
been previously shown.

I'd appreciate thoughts.

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