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RE: [dsdp-mtj-dev] MTJ Model

Hi Kevin,


I’m one of the guys at Motorola intending to work in MTJ. I agree with you that having this kind of dependencies may not be good for the project, and one of the tasks we are proposing in this MTJ reboot is to have an new proposed architecture by beginning of next year. For sure we can review the data model for this new proposed architecture.


During the meeting we are also going to talk about the proposed planning (more info on mtj wiki). If the meeting time is not enough to discuss about the data model, we can set a new activity in the planning to analyze the data model.


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I realize this is a little late for today's meeting, but I would like to suggest that as part of the reset, we open the idea of the current data model behind the MTJ project.  The model stores all of the relational data about devices and setup.  The model is generated using a Rational product, and then converted using the EMF project.  Arto provided instructions at the very end of our relationship explaining how this code is generated, but this ties us to a commercial product that many of our participants might not have in the future, and makes modifications to the underlaying data structure difficult to maintain my team members.  

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