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[dsdp-ercp-dev] getting started with ercp application



I am developing an application that stores Calendar events into the PIM database of a Windows mobile.

For that we are using JSR 75 PIM API to access , store events in PIM database. When I access PIM with PIM.getInstance()

I am getting Unsatisfied link error. I have added JSR 75 jar file to my project build path.  I have given below the exception trace:


getException in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: getProperty0

      at com.sun.midp.main.Configuration.getProperty0(Native Method)

      at com.sun.midp.main.Configuration.getProperty(Configuration.java:32)

      at javax.microedition.pim.PIM.getInstance(PIM.java:128)

      at org.eclipse.ercp.swt.samples.eswtdemo.pim.com.pim.dao.impl.CalendarClientDAO


      at org.eclipse.ercp.swt.samples.eswtdemo.pim.com.pim.service.CalendarService.ad


      at org.eclipse.ercp.swt.samples.eswtdemo.MainMenu.<init>(MainMenu.java:69)

      at org.eclipse.ercp.swt.samples.eswtdemo.Demo.RCPMode(Demo.java:73)

      at org.eclipse.ercp.swt.samples.eswtdemo.Demo.main(Demo.java:56)



Kindly let me know how I can access PIM and JSR 75 API from ERCP application.


Thanks & Regards





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