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RE: [dsdp-dev] Disable Host property page for custom IHost

Title: Disable Host property page for custom IHost
Hi Tom,
the stock IHost property page is contributed via an org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages extension point, so if you
are OK with globally disabling it everywhere it might work defining a Capability to hide it in the UI
(org.eclipse.ui.activities extension point).
If you want stock RSE host's in your product along with your custom host's, then I am afraid the only
thing you can do is override the "Show Properties" action for your custom host / custom subsystem,
which displays the Property Dialog, and have a custom implementation of the Property Dialog which
does not show the property page that you want to hide.
If you are OK with patching RSE's plugin.xml in your product, then you could only modify the
plugin.xml  to contribute the property page against the RSEHost implementation rather than
the IHost interface.... actually, that might also work with the Capabilities trick mentioned above:
have the Capability hide the original property page from the UI, but also contribute your modified
property page which you register against RSEHost rather than IHost.
Hope it works out,
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Subject: RE: [dsdp-dev] Disable Host property page for custom IHost

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Subject: [dsdp-dev] Disable Host property page for custom IHost


I am working on a custom IHost implementation.  I have extended org.eclipse.rse.core.systemTypeProviders to create a custom IRSESystemType, and I have extended org.eclipse.rse.ui.newConnectionWizards to provide a custom configuration wizard.  With this, I'm able to create my custom IHost via IRSESystemType.createNewHostInstance(). 

I have also extended org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages so that I can see my custom configuration when I open the host properties.

The problem is that I also see the stock Host property page, which represents the very thing I'm trying to customize.  In my design, the user must make some other selections before he is presented applicable physical connection choices, and even there the media may not be TCP/IP.

Is there a way to disable the Host property page?


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