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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Bugs for 1_1_maintenance

+1 for me also. 

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Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] Bugs for 1_1_maintenance

I just found out that we at Ericsson, will take a version of the
R1_1_maintenance for an internal delivery on Monday the 9th of March.
Therefore, I want to migrate any important DSF/DSF-GDB bug fixes that
were only done in the CDT. 

I already did these: 
http://bugs.eclipse.org/249227 [console][cdi] Add support for "verbose"
tracing of MI commands in console
http://bugs.eclipse.org/256663 [multi-process] Better handling of
automatic attaching of a process
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261883 [DsfMemoryBlock] Worker threads leak in
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261406 [launch] IsConnected() wrong for Local
debug session for 7_0 services
http://bugs.eclipse.org/266741 [launch] Launch shows terminated even if
a launch process remains running
http://bugs.eclipse.org/266599 [multi-process] Don't prompt for a
process to attach to right after launch
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261753 [event] Invalid MI event can cause
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261082 [multi-process] Race condition when
creating a breakpoint

The ones I think should be done follow.  All but the first are in DSF.
I'll do the work, but I'm looking for an OK, since it is DSF (not
DSF-GDB) and that I didn't work on these bugs.

http://bugs.eclipse.org/261258 [breakpoint] ClassCastException on
breakpoint action
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261384 DSF Details Pane does not pay attention
to its Max Length value
http://bugs.eclipse.org/261858 [debug view] After suspend event, only
the top stack frame should be retrieved initially.
http://bugs.eclipse.org/262210 There are caching issues with the
http://bugs.eclipse.org/262245 [vm] AbstractVMProvider may install the
same model proxy for multiple views, resulting in the viewer not
http://bugs.eclipse.org/266105 Unable to see DSF disassembly

Thanks a lot!

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