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[dsdp-dd-dev] Wind River Contributions - signoff complete

Hi DD and TM teams,


Wind River has completed the internal sign-off for our code contributions to open source.  The signoffs cover the following technical areas in our commercial product (Wind River Workbench, aka WB):


- Target Manager

- Debug Model Implementation

- Debug Views (memory, registers, expressions/watch, locals)

- Terminal View

- C/C++ Editor, CView, New Static Analysis Views (see the CDT 4.0 project plan:  http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/CDT/planning/4.0)


Markus and Toni will comment on the CDT enhancements on cdt-dev.  I don’t want to speak for them.

Martin can comment on his specific plans for TM when he returns from vacation.


For DD, our plans are as follows:


Debug Model Implementation:  Pawel and Ted are refactoring our existing code base to fit into the 3.2 EDMI, as you know.  This is a very extensive task, and we really don’t want to be closed about the effort, so they are working a reduced subset of functionality that they will present at our August DD meeting.  The goal is to open this development to the community for participation, comment, design changes, etc.  While it’s possible to dump our current technology into open source, it doesn’t fit well with the new EDMI, since we wrote it before Darin’s extensive improvements.


Customized Debug Views:  Our commercial product has customized versions of all of the views listed above.  With the flexible hierarchy, our intention is simply to migrate the capabilities into the platform debug views as we have already been discussing in DD…only now it’s officially sanctioned.  ;)


Terminal View:  We will clean up this code base and then submit it for Eclipse IP review.  We then need to plan how the console technology subgroup can use this view.  TM also needs some of the capabilities (telnet support), so we need to work with TM on which parts of this code live in which project.


Doug G