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Re: [Dltk-dev] dbgp implementation

Hi Jae,

Probably it was touched last time about 3 years ago.


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 23:19, Jae Gangemi <jgangemi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello all -
> Â quick question, has the underlying dbgp implementation of the dltk been
> mostly consistent as of late? or perhaps a better question is when was the
> last time any major work was done there?
> Â there seems to be an issue w/ the lastest version of the dbgp perl
> implementation and not being able to retrieve array values properly. i tried
> the debugger using a much older version of the protocol and everything
> worked fine, so i'm inclined to think there is some bug in the protocol or a
> blanket change was made that i will need to figure out how to handle b/c it
> potentially doesn't affect other languages.
> Â thanks!
> --
> -jae
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