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[Dltk-dev] Code Assist in DLTK


i implemented the example code assist that is given in the tutorial.
So far, it acts as expected, except one thing:
The background of the proposal window is black. Since the color of the
text is also black, you can't read unselected proposals. How can i fix

also one important question:
How can i implement an intelligent content assist system, which
provides proposals dependent on the position in the text?
I looked into some example codes from the ruby and python plugins. It
seems that they are using the AST to determine which proposals have to
be used. But: Most of the time, the AST is not complete while editing
a file, so this can't be the answer (if it is, please tell me how i
cope with incomplete ASTs). I use ANTLR as parser-generator. Is there
tutorial available on how to implement a code completion system using ANTLR?
I would be grateful for some links to tutorials on that subject in
general as well.

thanks in advance,

Sebastian Rheinnecker
Universität Tübingen