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Re: [dash-dev] IP Cleanliness question

Zitat von Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

How is this not open?

As I said yesterday: It's not open because I can't simply copy code from GPL'd projects or other OSS sources without causing a lot of trouble :-)

And since we all know human nature, we know it's just a matter of time until something will blow up.

I know that you can't change that; but at the same time, I will never be happy with legal issues creeping into my work. Try to bear my occasional sarcastic comment about this :-)

PS: It took the AROS project three years to select a "good" OSS license: We wrote our own ;-) Or rather modified the Mozilla license. At college, I took lessons in "Law and Data Privacy". I wrote an Amiga OS clone (while Amiga, Inc. was watching unhappily). I need to complain about legal stuff once in a while or I won't get 50...


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