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[dali-dev] How to test Dali 3.1 builds

The Dali 3.1 release is approaching quickly.  I wanted to make sure that everyone knew how to install/test the 3.1 builds as it may require some changes to your usual installation methods.  Simply unzipping all the pre-reqs isn't advised in this case, since you will end up with multiple versions of Dali and possibly other issues.  Please follow the steps below for easy installation:

Dali 3.1 builds are found here: http://build.eclipse.org/webtools/committers/

1. Download the Eclipse SDK (Indigo SR1) from the build page (or wherever)
2. Unzip and run the Eclipse SDK, update proxy if necessary.
3. Help-> Install New Software...
4. Add a Software Site - append "/repository" to the build page URL for the Dali build you wish to use
Example - http://build.eclipse.org/webtools/committers/dali-R3.1.0-I/20111026223234/I-3.1.0-20111026223234/repository
5. Make sure the Indigo software site is checked (should be by default) in "Available software sites"
6. Select to install software from your newly added Dali site
7.  Select the SDK or non-SDK Dali depending on your needs (Category name needs to be update)
8.  Complete wizard and you are done.  All the pre-reqs will be downloaded for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.