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Re: [dali-dev] Changes to Dali plugin and package names for next major release

I am planning to do phase 2 and phase 3 this weekend and will send another email when it is completed and checked in. Then Tran will need to update the build and release. At a later date we will archive the old projects in CVS.

The following plug-in renames and moves will occurs. Corresponding package renames will also be completed.

I see that the jpa-diagram-editor component has been moved to Dali. Since these are not yet updated to compile against HEAD Dali code, I will not be updating them as part of this work. Let me know if this work is coming soon and we can possibly post-pone this rename. Though at this point I think the rename will involve less migration work than what you already have to do. And let us know if you have questions about that migration.

o.e.jpt.utility -> o.e.jpt.common.utility - rename and move to common component
o.e.jpt.utility.tests -> o.e.jpt.common.utility.tests rename and move to common component
o.e.jpt.core -> o.e.jpt.jpa.core
o.e.jpt.db -> o.e.jpt.jpa.db
o.e.jpt.db.ui -> o.e.jpt.jpa.db.ui
o.e.jpt.eclipselink.core -> o.e.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.core
o.e.jpt.eclipselink.core.ddlgen -> o.e.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.core.ddlgen
o.e.jpt.eclipselink.ui -> o.e.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.ui
o.e.jpt.gen -> o.e.jpt.jpa.gen
o.e.jpt.ui -> o.e.jpt.jpa.ui
o.e.jpt.core.tests -> o.e.jpt.jpa.core.tests
o.e.jpt.core.tests.extension.resource -> o.e.jpt.jpa.core.tests.extension.resource
o.e.jpt.db.tests -> o.e.jpt.jpa.db.tests
o.e.jpt.eclipselink.core.tests -> o.e.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.core.tests
o.e.jpt.gen.tests -> o.e.jpt.jpa..gen.tests
o.e.jpt.ui.tests -> o.e.jpt.jpa.ui.tests

The jpaPlatforms and jpaPlatformUis extension points will be affected by this rename. They will now need to be referenced as org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.core.jpaPlatforms and org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.ui.jpaPlatformUis.


On 1/31/2011 4:34 PM, Karen Butzke wrote:
I will be checking in the first phase of these changes soon, then Tran will update the build for the new plug-ins.

1. A new 'common' component will be created in CVS with the following new plug-ins:
2. The libraryValidators and resourceLocators extension points will be moved to org.eclipse.jpt.common.core (these are new in this release)

Committers need to remember that now we have JptCommonCoreTests to run on top of JptCoreTests and JptEclipseLinkCoreTests.

Phase 2 will involve renaming org.eclipse.jpt.utility(and tests) plug-in and packages to org.eclipse.jpt.common.utility (and tests) and moving to common component. I will do this once we get the build working for the phase 1 changes.

Phase 3 will involve renaming the org.eclipse.jpt.core.* plug-ins and packages. Another email will be sent detailing those changes prior to check-in.


On 1/28/2011 3:36 PM, Neil Hauge wrote:
The Dali team is planning a number of plugin and package name changes as part of a restructuring to properly accommodate the introduction of the JAXB component into the Dali code base for Indigo.

Background: There are some good opportunities for code reuse between the existing JPA and new JAXB component, and as a result we are creating a Common component to contain the common code between these 2 components. As a result, the existing JPA core plugin (o.e.jpt.core) will have a new dependency on the Common core plugin (o.e.jpt.common.core).

Problem: As you might have noticed, this leaves the JPA core code with a misleading name of (org.eclipse.jpt.core), including misleading names for all of the JPA core packages (org.eclipse.jpt.core.*). This could lead to code and dependency degradation in the future, not to mention confusion down the road for committers and clients

Solution: We plan to refactor these names to represent the actual functional area of the plugin, which is JPA. As a result, the new plugin name for o.e.jpt.core would become o.e.jpt.jpa.core, and the contained packages would become o.e.jpt.jpa.core.*. The o.e.jpt.ui code would similarly move to o.e.jpt.jpa.ui.

Changing the plugin and root package name of o.e.jpt.core and o.e.jpt.ui will be a breaking change that will impact Dali clients, and as a result the major plugin version for jpt.core and jpt.ui will be moving from 2.3 to 3.0 in the renamed plugins. Project metadata will not be changing, so project compatibility shouldn't be an issue.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming change. A forthcoming email will describe the exact changes to assist with migration when you are ready to move to the 3.0 code base.


Neil Hauge
Dali Project Lead
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