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Re: [dali-dev] Branching R2_0_maintenance


I presume that the doc changes are also going in the maintenance branch.
I will start branching to night only, since people are still working on it.


Neil Hauge wrote:

Rick recently (today) checked in some doc related changes into doc.user, so not sure if this has interfered with the branching, but thought I would make you aware of it.


Trân Lê wrote:
I am about to branch the Dali R2_0_maintenance code stream.

So far we have the following bugs that need to go in the maintenance
branch and in Head.
Let me know if you have other bugs to check-in both streams.

236109 - remove native query from entity-mappings throws exception
234628 - ui not updated if you quickly type in or copy in a TableGenerator annotation
240080 - NPE when writing named queries to orm.xml
234667 - fire change notification with correct property string
234431 - table generator - no table options until TableGenerator annotation exists
231176 - orm.xml default access combo not updating
235619 - removing persistence unit from persistence.xml, structure views not updated correctly
235642 - JPA Content removed right-click open option in the project explorer
232881 - check for null attribute name since this is possible in an orm.xml file
231880 - JPA Details does not scroll up when changing selections
239788 - Doc rewording
240172 - Doc Clarification / "add or remove object"
240945 - DVT34: broken link in documentation

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