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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Maven Central cache

Better late than newer - this sounds good.

Any plans on setting up a repository mirror which contains GAV's that only contains artefacts that are CQ'ed ?

Would make it nice and simple to check if ones build can complete with only CQ'ed binaries.



You may be aware that we've had issues with HIPP servers connecting to
external resources; Maven Central being the most notable.  While there
are many parts to complicate the investigation, we've been educated
towards setting up a proxy cache of Maven Central on repo.eclipse.org,
our Nexus server.

I think using repo.eclipse.org as a global cache will have many
benefits, including much faster build times, more reliable builds and
fewer wasted resources.

To configure your HIPP (and/or your build jobs) to use the cache, please


Once we've determined it to be a reliable solution, we'll redirect
requests bound for Maven Central to the cache on repo.eclipse.org.


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