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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson shutdown wait from hell

> > The queue is down to 26 now ... in the 10 minutes I took to write this
> > note ... if that rate holds, it will be clear in 90 minutes or so? :/

> ...  If you need a
> job pronto, Fastlane is there for you.  That's what we set it up for.
> It's currently idle.

But "fastlane" often has the same "remote operation" failure as slave
machines often do,
as can be seen from this morning, in


But the same job runs just fine on "master"


This general problem is reported in bug 366672


If there is some better fix than tying the job to master server, then
please let me know.

In my experience, if you try to tie a job to "master || fastlane" in the
hopes that "if it fails on fastlane, then it will try on master" simply
doesn't work. That it will repeatedly try "the last machine it ran on,
unless that machine is busy" ... so, yes, using multiple machines would
work great if it weren't for the frequent failures ("remote operation"
problem) that we repeatedly have, which is what leads me to tie the job to
one machine. Am I missing something?