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[cross-project-issues-dev] com.ibm.icu requirement

The Galileo release has a hard requirement that projects use the
com.ibm.icu bundle. This is understandable when NLS is of great
importance and it is expected that the bundle will run in older JVM's.
The more recent the JVM is however, the less important the com.ibm.icu
bundle gets since most of its content is merged into the runtime of  the
latest Java releases.

For this reason, we chose to provide the com.ibm.icu.base with the
Buckminster headless product. I makes the package much smaller (the
com.ibm.icu proper is quite large, > 5MB) and we don't feel that we
loose anything. A prerequisite for this however, is that all included
bundles uses "Import-Package" directives instead of "Require-Bundle".
Most bundles do but today I encountered one that did not. And even if it
did, the com.ibm.icu.base would not fulfill the requirements since it
references the package com.ibm.icu.lang (the UCharacter class). For some
reason, this package is not included in com.ibm.icu.base. Why is that?
Does anyone know?

Who is the maintainer of the com.ibm.icu.base. Is it people that are
also working with Eclipse or do they belong to some other part of IBM?

Thomas Hallgren