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Re: [cosmos-pmc] COSMOS Community meeting agenda: 1/18

yes - I think so.   in the form i needed to list a component.  It was my understanding you were assigned to Org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.  Is that the component you are trying to access?

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01/19/2007 10:58 AM

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Re: [cosmos-pmc] COSMOS Community meeting agenda: 1/18

Hi Toni,

Does this mean that we're suppose to have write access to CVS?
I'm still not able to check-in anything.

Ali Mehregani

On 1/18/07, Toni Drapkin <tdrapkin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Community Meeting Agenda for Today:
Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Community Meeting
Link to information on Wiki: COSMOS Main Page
Date & Time: Thursdays, at 1500 EST / 3pm EST
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (888) 241.8547
Primary International Dial-in: +1.719.884.0812
T/L Dial-in: +650.3324
Passcode: 999451#