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Re: [cosmos-dev] Summary of i10 descoped & at risk ERs - one correction

Hi folks,

I forgot to mention 218313. It is also being descoped.

Please let me know if I missed anything else in this summary.


- Bill Muldoon may be overbooked for i10; if so then Jack will do some rearranging to reassign Bill's assignments to other CA team members

- Mark and Ruth to talk off-line to see if we need public API in order to release COSMOS 1.0. If so then we need docs for it.

- Hubert may not be able to contain 220955. Hubert to talk with Ruth on what can be removed from his non-ER workload and we'll have the discussion in two weeks to see if this can be contained by Hubert. If not, then Bill may take this on.

- Ali to talk with Ruth to see on what can be removed from his non-ER workload to free him to write the Development Guide docs.

- Ruth to speak to SDD (IBM and SAS) once they've decided what ERs will be in scope for i11. Ruth to do the math on the initial sizing and raise a flag if the numbers don't add up.

- Ruth to speak to Don (Compuware) because she forgot to ask them for data for this spreadsheet.

At risk for descope or reduction in scope

219142        Write Providing CMDBf Query and Registration Services section in COSMOS Development Guide                
219152        Write Development Guide Support for CMDBf section in COSMOS Development Guide                
219141        Write Constructing a Data Manager section in COSMOS Development Guide                

At risk for i10 but may be reassigned to someone else

220955        deregister data managers from broker        

Descope (bugzilla owner, please change the target to "future")

214158        Data Visualization Customization - Customized CMDBf Response        
215521        Visualizations are needed around the service metadata of MDRs                
218313        Extend the registration libraries to make it easier to maintain data integrity between MDRs and federating CMDBs        amehrega@xxxxxxxxxx
220590        Provide editors for domainEPR.xml and config.properties                
220592        Need ability to create custom client project for toolkit                        
220593        Need ability to create data managers in toolkit for OSGi deployment        
220594        Contextual help