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[corona-dev] Apache Virtual File System - something nice to integrate.

Yesterday I took a look what is available in Apache Commons. I found one (at least) interesting library - VFS (http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/vfs/). It provides common API for accessing various file systems. For now they have FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Samba, local files, ZIP, JAR, TAR (+gz, +bz2). What is interesting they allow to embed one in an other. So, for instance you can have a file system in ZIP available through WebDAV.

In addition there are some events available. Don't know what exactly they deliver by I suppose that changes in the file system.

I think it would be really good thing for our repositories. It gives access to wide range of repositories with a single integration. Additionally, I suppose, that Jackrabbit or CVS could also have driver for the VFS.


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