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[corona-dev] Shared Bug View

As we were using Chat in Corona today, people were referencing bugs in bugzilla that I had to keep looking up.  I was just thinking it would be great if Corona supported a shared bug view.  The idea is something like: 


Each person in Team in a Context can create list of bugs they want to talk about because they are fixed or have a problem

During Chat when a person decides it is time to discuss their bug list, he then clicks on the Share Bug List button. (I don’t know where this button goes.)

All active participants in the chat room have their Bugzilla View updated with the Shared Bug List.  

Then it is easy to tab between chat and the bug view.


Just an idea. -  Glenn Everitt


You can enter a comma separated list of bug numbers in Actions text entry box and click find to get a specific list:


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