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Re: [cobol-dev] Termination Review complete

Hello all,

the termination of the project is not a surprise, because the whole project seemed to me like a mockup. When I joined the list in 2003, I offered support to the members instantaneously, but did not get a single reply for that. I then investigated the available download and found out, that it was not complete and asked the committers for a reason. They told me, that only the Linux download would work. I also tried that one and was deeply disappointed, because it lacked the same or similar problems. It looks as if there has never been a publicly available download of the COBOL plugin, which really worked.

Also the programmers had disappeared and only the committers stayed in the project. It had something of Potjomkin's village. So I went my own way and had in mind, to combine my project with Eclipse later on, but not a single programmer appeared and I began to reason about open source projects. These projects only make sense, if independent and motivated people are willing to build something for the community and also take responsability for their project. That was not the case here in the Eclipse COBOL project. Also COBOL is becoming less and less important for most of the programmers.

Thus I continue in building my generalized language environment, which started from COBOL and is formally speaking close to goto programs from computer science. I also have a good mathematical foundation and can see something beautiful at the horizon, which is close to axiomatic computer science. It might become very different from the code desert, which we all live in at the moment. Our machines are programmed like Babylon's tower was built and we aren't so far away from a technological breakdown. [Young people often don't find orientation in a world, where hardware and software standards are just and only a word. How will your grandchildren talk about the world in 2010?]

So this is, what I have and it is perhaps interesting:

a)  a working GUI*
b) a draft of a well founded theory

Is anyone out there willing to c o l l a b o r a t e and establish a new open source project?


* the GUI is called Elbe: